Our work focuses on these core areas

Wildlife and Roadways Initiative

Annually, there are an average of 6,000 vehicle collisions with big game in Wyoming, resulting in $20-23 million in wildlife costs and $24-29 million in personal injury costs. Wildlife groups across the state are joining the efforts of Game and Fish and the Wyoming Department of Transportation to reduce those numbers by taking action to give wildlife the green light for safe passage.


Habitat Conservation

With millions of acres of habitat across the Cowboy State it is important that we are proactive in protecting the environment which nourishes the growth and prosperity of our wildlife. The WYldlife Fund seeks to invest in on the ground projects which include but are not limited to combating terrestrial and aquatic invasive species. This includes combating the importation of zebra mussels which impact our fisheries or the fight against invasive species such as cheatgrass, medusa head and ventanata. The WYldlife Fund also works to make existing habitat safer by actions such as replacing unfriendly wildlife fencing throughout Wildlife Habitat Management Areas across Wyoming with friendly wildlife fencing.  


Inspire a Kid

The WYldlife Fund believes it is vital to inspire and educate the next generation of active and ethical outdoor leaders. We seek to invest in a vast array of programs which help children find their True North in the great outdoors. We value all lovers of the outdoors and the future depends on having passionate individuals who carry on the legacy of adventure and stewardship. We desire to fund educational and hands on opportunities for youth to find their specific passion in the outdoors. The greatest impact a leader can have is to empower those around them to become greater. Join us as we leave a legacy of empowering the next generation of outdoor leaders.