Habitat Conservation

Habitat preservation encompasses all initiatives which promote healthy, safe and thriving habitat that supports all wildlife. This wildlife can be on the land, flying in the air or swimming in the water.

The WYldlife Fund seeks to both invest in our abundant habitat across Wyoming and also offer educational opportunities for private land owners to promote stewardship of habitat. We will focus on combating terrestrial and aquatic invasive species. Invasive species cost the US economy over $120 Billion per year. The WYldlife Fund will also support initiatives such as converting non-friendly wildlife fencing into friendly wildlife fencing. The conservation of habitat is a top priority of The WYldlife Fund and so is providing access to this habitat by all lovers of the outdoors. We will focus on partnering with state and private agencies to open up further access to wildlife habitat for all those who have a passion for it.

We are pleased to announce a partner organization in this initiative. Working Dogs for Conservation is the world’s leading conservation detection dog organization. Whether it's law enforcement, biosecurity, or ecological monitoring, WD4C consults, collaborates, and builds capacity to make conservation happen.


Working Dogs for Conservation rescue dogs which would otherwise stay in a shelter or potentially be euthanized. Working Dogs for Conservation also accept dogs which were in another line of work, such as a Police K9, but are at a point in their career where they must retire. Not only does this program offer a wealth of critical wildlife data and information but it also provides a forever home to lost and forgotten dogs.



Whether it be ending wildlife crime, stopping invasive species or monitoring elusive species Working Dogs for Conservation is creating success. Join The WYldlife Fund as we strive to support organizations who align with our mission and advance Wyoming's wildlife!