What is The WYldlife Fund?

The WYldlife Fund unites people to advance Wyoming wildlife habitat, research and education

Wyoming is home to large herds of native wildlife.  Residents, and visitors alike, enjoy the daily interaction with antelope, moose, deer and many other species.  Our wide open spaces, undeveloped habitat and diversity of species all contribute to the special natural bond with the wildlife we hold so special and dear.

The WYldlife Fund is committed to helping steward the 800 plus species of animals that call Wyoming home. There is no animal too large or too small for The WYldlife Fund's compassion. Whether it be toads, bats, turtles or large carnivores our foundation is dedicated to the comprehensive wellbeing and advancement of Wyoming's wildlife.   

As our state grows, as traffic increases, and as the population continues to expand in many parts of the state, the potential conflicts between the natural and urban environments arise on an increasingly regular basis.

Our Game and Fish Department has maintained a very effective role in the management of our native species.  This department is a Wyoming success story. It does its job in an efficient manner minimizing conflict, while navigating an increasingly complex regulatory and political environment.

Many citizens express an interest in supporting Wyoming’s wildlife if they can be assured their financial support will go directly to wildlife related projects.  The Wyldlife Fund has been granted 501c3 tax-exempt status by the IRS. We are also registered as a non-profit corporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State. We are a five member board with limited staff and overhead expense. Our purpose and goal is to unite people to advance Wyoming wildlife habitat, research and education. All donations are tax deductible. You can be assured that your gift will go into on the ground projects which will strengthen the health of Wyoming’s wildlife. 

We thank Governor Gordon for his support of our mission!