The WYldlife Fund

The WYldlife Fund unites people to advance Wyoming wildlife habitat, research and education.

Looking to be inspired? Join us in our effort. The WYldlife Fund is a home for ALL people who love the wildlife of Wyoming. We desire to advance critical projects which will enhance the great outdoors of the Cowboy State. Whether it be helping construct wildlife crossings, inspiring the next generation of outdoor leaders to become involved or pitching in to sustain healthy habitat practices The WYldlife Fund is rolling up its sleeves to advance our great wildlife.

This is an all hands on deck approach and we need your help. As a new organization, we need YOU to become involved in this movement. Whether it is pitching in a few dollars, becoming an advocate for The WYldlife Fund or even volunteering your time we would love to have you on our team.

Interested in knowing more? Contact us and we will plug you in to this movement. Our wildlife is not only an amazing amenity and something we all hold dear but it is also a vital piece of the Wyoming economy. Families and small businesses across the state depend on a healthy and thriving great outdoors to provide for those they love. The sustainability of our state depends on keeping our ecosystems healthy. Will you join us on this critical mission?

2020 Commissioner's License Raffle and Auction

We have an avenue for YOU to go on a dream hunt in Wyoming!

Have you ever dreamed of a once in a lifetime hunt in the great Rocky Mountain West? This is your opportunity to live out that dream and support a great cause at the same time. The 2020 The WYldlife Fund License is valid in any area throughout Wyoming’s dynamic and outstanding hunting country. This is a wonderful opportunity to support conservation while experiencing some of the best hunting in pristine parts of Wyoming.  All of the proceeds raised go directly to The WYldlife Fund.  Your choice on location, date, and species for one of the following: Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, or Western Pronghorn subject to Wyoming Game & Fish guidelines.

Click on the picture below to visit our raffle site and take one step closer to living out an experience you will never forget! 


The Wyldlife Fund also auctioned off a second Wyoming Commissioner's License on May 23rd! This auction brought in $22,000! This money will be put right back on the ground to advance and strengthen the wildlife of Wyoming! 



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